Brae Editions is an imprint based in Orkney, Scotland. It was created by Alistair Peebles and now runs in collaboration with poet and artist Amy Todman, with the indispensable assistance of artist and printmaker Carol Dunbar. Except where otherwise indicated, posts in this blog are by Alistair Peebles.

The imprint began in 2007 as the publishing arm of Porteous Brae Gallery. This was established in a former shop in Stromness and ran for a few summers until 2009. At that point other interests took over, all to a degree Brae-related, but often not realised immediately in published form, nor indeed in a gallery. Several book projects did find their way into print, however, and these will be outlined here, among other topics.

One project that could not be delayed is the pamphlet we published on 5 November 2018, The Tiny Talent—poetry by the Glaswegian writer Joan Ure (1918-78)—on this, her centenary year.